White Opal pen lying on a bed of purple flowers
Gold crystal pen surrounded by crystals inspiration & creativity.
A person writing in a gratitude journal holding an Opal crystal ball pen
Opal pen on top of a mystical manifesting journal
Opal Crystal ball pen for increased inspiration and mental clarity
Opal crystal pen to balance emotions lying on an open daily gratitude journal
10 gold crystal pens with unique crystal balls on each one from the Contoura Collective crystal pen collection

Inspiration - Opal Crystal Pen

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Opal pen for clarity, emotional balance & inspiration.

Chakra: Crown

Illuminate your words with the ethereal energy of opal and explore the depths of your imagination as you write with this glistening gold crystal ball pen. 

Opal is best known for the following properties:

  • Increases clarity and focus
  • Encourages emotional balance
  • Sparks creativity and inspiration
  • Purifies energy fields
  • Shields against negativity
  • Enhances freedom and independence
  • Supports physical healing

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        Who will benefit from this Opal pen?

        • Individuals seeking clarity and focus. It's the ideal pen for brainstorming, planning, and problem-solving.

        • Those desiring emotional balance and stability. The gentle energy of Opal helps to calm turbulent emotions, providing a sense of inner peace and equilibrium during challenging times.

        • People looking to purify their thoughts.  Opal dispels negative thoughts and allows for a fresh perspective and renewed sense of clarity.

        • Anyone in need of protection from negative energies will find reassurance in the shielding qualities of Opal. Acting as a protective barrier, it absorbs and deflects harmful vibrations, creating a safe space for personal growth and exploration.

        • Individuals who want to enhance their sense of freedom and independence will be empowered by the liberating energy of Opal. It encourages self-expression and authenticity, inspiring confidence to break free from limiting beliefs and embrace one's true self.

        • Creatives and artists seeking to spark their imagination and originality. Its ethereal energy ignites the imagination and fuels creativity, making it a valuable tool for artistic expression and innovation.

        • Those on a journey of physical healing and wellness. Its healing energy promotes holistic wellness, aiding in the body's natural healing processes enhancing vitality and well-being.

        The spiritual journals featured in the product images are our best-selling Manifestation Journal & Gratitude Journal.

              With Love, Contoura.

              View our dispatch and delivery information here.

              Each gold pen is made of metal and finished with a high-quality, ethically-sourced polished crystal sphere.

              The pen writes very smoothly, in black ink.

              The dimensions are 18cm x 3cm x 3cm.

              Each pen comes with a card highlighting the properties of each crystal.

              These pens can be refilled, and we hope to stock the refills very soon.

              *Please note that the black velvet box is not included.*

              Get 3 crystal ball pens for the price of 2!

              Simply add 3 to your basket and use code WRITINGMAGIC when you checkout. To view all our crystal ball pens, click here.

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